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Warm and engaging – this is Ilo Ensemble in a nutshell, both in their sound and in their stage presence. In June 2017 Ilo Ensemble was awarded the first prize in the acoustic series of The Contest for Vocal Ensembles at the Tampere Vocal Music Festival. The members of this five-woman a cappella group met each other as students at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. The ensemble itself was born in 2012. Ilo´s heart belongs to folk music, improvisation and theatre tunes. Versatile musicianship, an imaginative sound and use of the voice are the main ingredients in a musical broth guaranteed to make the listener swoon.

Ilo Ensemble´s passion is the reki-song: Finnish popular music of the 19th Century, crafted by and for the ordinary people. These short rhymed folk songs were about everyday life, and no human sentiment was foreign to them. Ilo Ensemble revives this tradition for our modern age by composing, writing and arranging brand new, candid and vivid reki-songs. Indeed, the ensemble proves that the reki-song tradition is not a mouldy museum exhibit, but rather a fertile soil for artistic expression, be it about a love most furtive, or the ills of contemporary society. Ilo Ensemble’s debut album ’Elo’ was released in October 2017.

If you need music for your business event, party or meeting, Ilo Ensemble´s versatile repertoire will offer a perfect fit for all kinds of events. The group´s repertoire includes popular music, traditional folk music, evergreens, tunes from stage and film and chanson. The ensemble is happy to perform acoustically in small intimate venues or in larger arenas through a sound system. A tailor-made programme for your event is always possible.

Ilo Ensemble performs in Finnish and in English.

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Ilo Ensemble

Helmi Camus, Salla Haavisto, Lotta Hagfors, Tiina Palmén & Ulla Silvennoinen – vocals